JF's MIDI Summary
Channel Messages (Voice and Mode) [These use Running Status]:
n = [channel number - 1] {0= ch. 1 ; F= ch. 16}

8n,x1,x2 - Note Off (x1= note number, x2= velocity).
9n,x1,x2 - Note On  (x1= note number, x2= velocity [if x2=0 -> note off]).
An,x1,x2 - Poly Pressure (x1= note number, x2= pressure value).
Bn,x1,x2 - Control Change (x1= controller number, x2= value).
Bank Select:
  x1=  00(00h), x2 = Bank MSB
  x1=  32(20h), x2 = Bank LSB [Bank = (MSB*128)+LSB]
Mode Messages:
  x1= 120(78h), 0  - All Sound Off
  x1= 121(79h), 0  - Reset All Controllers
  x1= 122(7Ah), x2 - Local Control (127=on, 0=off)
  x1= 123(7Bh), 0  - All Notes Off
  x1= 124(7Ch), 0  - Omni Off (modes 3,4)
  x1= 125(7Dh), 0  - Omni On (modes 1,2)
  x1= 126(7Eh), x2 - Mono On (modes 2,4) (x2=# of chs)
  x1= 127(7Fh), 0  - Poly On (modes 1,3)
Cn,x1    - Program Change (x1= program number).
Dn,x1    - Channel (Mono) Pressure (x1 = value).
En,x1,x2 - Pitch Bend (x1=LSB, x2=MSB). Value: (MSB*128)+LSB; Center: MSB=64(40h),LSB=0

System Exclusive Messages [These stop Running Status]:
F0...[data bytes (NO status bytes except System Real Time)]...F7
NOTE: The F7 SHOULD be sent, but can be replaced by another status byte (other than Real Time), thereby terminating the Sysex string.
System Common Messages [These stop Running Status]:
NOTE: These may NOT occur within other multi-byte messages.
F1,x1    - 1/4 Frame (MIDI Time Code [MTC], sent in groups
           of 8 to get Hours/Minutes/Seconds/Frames)
F2,x1,x2 - Song Position (x1= LSB, x2= MSB) Clocks = 16*((MSB*128)+LSB)
F3,x1    - Song Select (x1= Song Number)
F4,F5    - [Undefined]
F6       - Tune Request
F7       - EOX (End of Exclusive, see above)

System Real Time Messages (1-byte each ONLY):
NOTE: These do NOT stop Running Status, and they MAY occur within
      other multi-byte messages (in other words - ANYWHERE).
F8 - Clock
F9 - [Undefined]
FA - Start
FB - Continue
FC - Stop
FD - [Undefined]
FE - Active Sensing
FF - System Reset

The text above should print to a single page if you set your top and bottom margins to 0.25 inches in File, Page Setup (and don't have your font blown up so big that you get extra line wrap). You can print it and chuck this stuff down below, or grab the text version and print it out anytime.

Download text file - This is a text file with extended ASCII line-drawing characters (60 lines, 80 characters per-line). This means that it looks crappy in Notepad or Word (except maybe with MSLineDraw font), but if you open it with EDIT within a DOS window, or send it to a text printer that handles extended ASCII...Voila..

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