UnReply - Text Cleaning Utility for Windows

John Fera - 2002

before screenshot
after screenshot

Download the zip (version 1.10). (If you don't have a zip utility, get winzip here.)

This program was written with Borland C++ Builder 5. It is very similar to Notepad, but enhanced:


No install really, just a stand-alone executable.
  1. Copy it wherever you prefer (Windows, or Program Files\UnReply, etc.).
  2. Make a shortcut to it to place in the Start Menu or on the desktop. (Right click on the exe and choose "Copy" then right click on the desktop and choose "Paste Shortcut").
  3. If you wish to associate text files with it, right click on a .txt file while holding shift and choose Open With. Browse to find UnReply.exe, check the "always use this program to open this type of file" and press OK.
How I use UnReply:  To install, I unzip the exe to C:\UnReply\. Most "mangled" e-mail text I deal with is jokes, so I put a shortcut to UnReply on my desktop with a Ctrl+Alt+J  shortcut key. If I see a "good one" in an e-mail, I copy the text to the clipboard, hit Ctrl+Alt+J to bring up UnReply, paste, fix, and save. (The shortcut has the "Start In" folder pointing to my humor folder.) Even if I don't want to save it, I'll sometimes use UnReply just to read it if it's really mangled.

Text Cleaning

Cleaning includes six methods. They should be performed left to right (from the toolbar) or top to bottom (from the Fix menu). This is the order that "Fix All" performs them in.

The fixes can be performed on selected text. If there is no selection, the fix is applied to the whole file.

NOTE:  Undo is only a single level.

How I clean with UnReply:  
Usually I'll just do a Fix All. If that doesn't do what I wanted, I'll hit Undo and start using individual fixes as necessary, again using Undo if one doesn't help. Between that and some occasional minor editing, I'm ready to read and/or save.

"Fix" Examples:

Arrow removal:

>>Before text 

After text

Tab replacement:

    Before replacing with single space
 After replacing with single space

Common indent removal:



All indent removal:



Wrap removal:

This is the text before
operation is done.

This is the text after the operation is done.

Redundant space removal:

Before     text

After text

Fix All - performs all the fixes sequentially. Top->down (menu) or left-> right (toolbar):

> > This is the text
> >   before
> > the operation is    done.
> >
> > (New paragraph)

This is the text after the operation is done.

(New paragraph)

See the CFS reveiew here:  CFS 5-star award

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