This site is for exchanging patches as sysex-files and other important info for the Peavey TubeFex, TransTubeFex and TransFexPro.

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Maintained by John Fera - a digital design engineer at Peavey.

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Version 2.0: Addendum, Ordering, PFC10

The patches are collected from the tubefex mailing-list at Feel free to join us there.
Just click on the links to download a file (zip-format). The sysex-files can be loaded from the tubefex to a PC with any program which can handle midi-files, e.g. the tool MDF.

To convert patches to ASCII-text files use the tool from Robert, TFX4Win is for windows platforms and works great! (many thanks to Robert).

Here are three instructions how to load patches into the TF, one short from Anthony (Peavey), one technical from Robert and one simple but detailed from Greg.

You can download two instructions how to setup the mixing-scale parameters for the cc-pedal in the global settings area (v1.5 and below), one from Silvan Thiele and another from John Fera. There are two methods from Anthony (Peavey) how to bypass/control single effects in a patch.

To check the firmware version in your unit: power off, press and hold the DOWN and LEFT arrow buttons, power on while holding the buttons. There is the new v2.0 available from now on, you can order here. All the new features and parameters .

Maybe you have a chatter problem with the motor pot? This happens on an update from v1.1/1.2 to v2.0. Here is how to fix this problem, selected from the mailing-list and from Ray (thanks). See JF's motorpot page, too.

How to adjust your TF with the compressor in front, from Blue Mesa. How to mic your amp the best way, also from Blue Mesa. How does a dummy load works, from Dutch. How to work with cakewalk and midi data sysex, from Eric.

Here you can get all the initial presets from the different ROM versions. Don't forget to make a backup of your own presets before!
version 1.1 from Greg
version 1.2 from Jure
version 1.5 from John Fera
version 1.5 (only names)
version 2.0 from John Fera (Peavey) - many thanks!
version 2.0 (only names) from Rich 

This is a list of the patches on the Peavey Artist Preset Card.

Peavey offered a patch from Jeff Peterson, but warning! The patch overwrites over hundrets of your presets, no time to choose where you can locate these patches. So here is also a selected version of the 30 best of them in single patches (thanks Greg).
- all patches from Jeff Peterson
- the 30 selected

Enjoy it and send us patches.



Acoustic and Electric BergerMeister (08.18.2001)
Rich's Lead Tube Mode with delay

RichLead (07.09.2001)
Rich's Lead Tube Mode with delay

acoustic3 (11.10.2000)
acoustic patch from Steve G 

butch2 (04.08.2000)
Cheater Patch from Butch 

konrad3 (25.07.2000)
6 patches from Konrad (syx+txt) 

gene1 (06.07.2000)
2 real clean tube sounds out of a TransFex Pro 212s from Gene 

tim3 (14.06.2000)
4 patches from Tim
Thin Lizzy song "Still in Love With You", morphing sound
two SRV patches to perform "Tightrope"
Cold Shot patch with a good Leslie speaker effect 

konrad2 (08.06.2000)
"The Foot" clean David Gilmour patch 

SRVTone! (06.06.2000)
SRV patch from Mike (SYX and TXT)

keith2 (29.05.2000)
two patches from Keith
clean chorus delay and rhythm crunch delay 

chugg (28.05.2000)
anonymous patch 

acoustic2 (25.05.2000)
acoustic patch from Steve G. 

konrad1 (21.05.2000)
five patches from Konrad, for use with the TFP 2121S
- cool open clean name "Day"
- Superstrat, great fat crunchy blues sound.
- Blues B.B., tube feely, great blues patch
- SantanTICO, very close to Santana HOT latin sound
- Borysewicz, Great Telecaster sound 

johnny3 (15.05.2000)
four patches from John R, they are all mods of the Rectify01 patch from Robert:
- Rec1clas: more classic sound
- Recbosss is a cool sounding Boston-like patch with SS
- Recbost is same as Recbosss but with no SS
- Recdl is in lead mode with CF for flanger 

accoustic (02.05.2000)
two accoustic patches, anonymous

ted1 (15.01.2000)
distortion sound from Ted

robert20 (31.12.99)
two rectify patches from Robert

robert19 (20.12.99)
Marshall patch from Robert

robert18 (12.12.99)
some patches from Robert that replicate sounds of famous amps (TXT + SYX)
- Marshall higain
- VOX AC30
- Fender Blackface
- Fender Twin Reverb

greg7 (30.11.99)
4 patches from Greg with description.

BlueMesa1 (29.11.99)
Some patch setting developments from Blue Mesa. The patches are using the CM in front.

jay1 (03.11.99) from Jay
Metallica patch for Enter Sandman
Randy Rhoads patch for Crazy Train

SRV patch from Mike C. (05.10.99)

3 patches from Mike C. with descr. (04.10.99)
Panama - Van Halen
ElegantGyps - Al DiMeola
Changes - YES

cathedral (03.10.99)
VanHalen patch from Mike C. with description

jonny2 (02.10.99)
eight patches from John
ainttalk = VH's "Ain't talking about love"
eruption = VH's "Eruption"
feelyrlov = VH's "Feel Your Love"
humanbei = VH's "Humans Being"
icantsto = VH's "I cant stop loving you" - very cool
rephrase = phazer stuff
tremotal = tremolo stuff
zakkwild = in the style of...

eruption (02.10.99)
VanHalen patch from Mike C.

robert17 (20.06.99)
grunge patch from Robert (incl. infotext)

robert16 (19.06.99)
three patches from Robert (incl. infotext)
Queen - playing like Brian May
Rock - basic setup for rock-songs
Clean - clean patch with OD

butch1 (15.05.99)
soft slight for harmony leads from Butch

robert15 (15.05.99)
Skynard remix from Robert

dennis6 (04.05.99)
reworking of the Black Magic and ZZTopTush patch
from Dennis with a description text (syx|txt version)

mike1 (01.05.99)
two Skynard patches from Mike

robert15 (30.04.99)
clean patch with OD from Robert

emilio6 (16.03.99)
8 patches from emilio (as syx+text-format)
- 2 clean patches for arpeggios and single note fills
- 2 rhythm p., style of Def Leppard and Motley Crue
- Synthbass
- imitation of the sound of Joe Satriani in "Always"
- a bluesy sound, with two preamps running
- special effect sound

Jefb Newman’s (23.07.98) 
Profex II Programs for Pedal Steel Guitar
128 patches in text format

silvan2 (24.01.99)
strange phaser effect from Silvan
with cc-wahwah control

keith1 (18.01.99)
clean sound patch from Keith
Pearl Jam "Yellow Ledbetter"

dennis5 (11.01.98)
5 patches from Dennis incl. a description

johnny1 (17.12.98)
several patches from John
infotext included in the zip-file

dennis4 (14.12.98)
distorted rhythm/lead patches from Dennis

dennis1 - dennis2 - dennis3 (13.12.98)
several patches from Dennis in 3 zip-files, including a description in each zip-file
1-chorus patches
2-rhythm crunch type patches
3-Fender combo simulations

robert14 (29.11.98)
Jamiroquai's 'Deeper Underground' from Robert

bruce_n3 (17.11.98)
three chorus patches from Bruce Naylor

bruce_n2 (16.11.98)
two patches from Bruce Naylor
soft OD-sound and a crunchy one

alain1 (15.11.98)
patch inspired by John Petrucci from Alain

greg6 (14.11.98)
tweaked patch from Greg

bruce_b5 |txt| (14.11.98)
4 more metal patches from Bruce Baker

bruce_b4 |txt|(10.11.98)
10 metal patches from Bruce Baker

robert13 (08.11.98)
solo-delay patch from Robert

bruce_b3 (04.11.98)
two patches from Bruce Baker
clean part of Metallica's " Bleeding Me" |txt|
Heavy patch, " HeavyB" |txt|

nelson1 (13.10.98)
fix for emilio's whammy pedal effect from Nelson

emilio5 (10.10.98)
controlled whammy pedal effect from Emilio

emilio4 (06.10.98)
violin emulation from Emilio

emilio3 (04.10.98)
"Pink Wall" David Gilmour sound from Emilio

bruce_n1 (02.10.98)
14 patches from Bruce Naylor
effective sounds, check them!

carlos1 (29.09.98)
2 Carlos Santana patches from Greg

tim2 (29.09.98)
3 patches from Tim
for the song "Twilight Zone"

tim1 (28.09.98)
three patches from Tim
2 "Robin Trower" sounds
"Peavey Classic 30" sound

emilio2 (27.09.98)
"Houndcake" fat sounding patch from Emilio

bruce_b2 (25.09.98)
two clean acoustic patches from Bruce B.

metallica |txt| (24.09.98)
Metallica patch from Bruce Baker

bruce_b1 (24.09.98)
rev. version of the Williams patch, from Bruce Baker

greg5 (23.09.98)
four patches from Greg
"Rat Strat"
"Wah Violin" - from preset
"Waked Up" - just fun stuff
"Williams2" - a bit dirtier, chorus patch

robert12 (23.09.98)
"Boston"-Sound or "early Santana" from Robert

robert11 (22.09.98)
two patches from Robert
"dirty vintage Dunlop Wah Pedal"
"heavy rythm stuff"

williams (21.09.98)
chorus jazz-chords sound from Greg

aliensu (05.09.98)
"Surfing with the Alien" sound from Mike

emilio1 (28.08.98)
from Emilio, great opener sound

strato2 (22.07.98)
from Greg, cc-controlled delay

robert10 (20.07.98)
Two sounds from Robert
"Sstrat" and "Bridge"

rob2 (17.07.98)
Chorus-Sound with no chorus from Rob
From the Peavey newsgroup

rob1 (10.07.98)
Little dirty sound (Sweet Home Alabama) from Rob
From the Peavey newsgroup

robert9 (06.07.98)
Rock-CH-sound from Robert

greg3 (05.07.98)
Two patches from Greg working together
Floyd-sounding, controlled with the cc-pedal from clean to distortion

robert8 (05.07.98)
clean FL-DL-RV-sound from Robert
controlled with the cc-pedal, start in effect is also 0%

robert7 (04.07.98)
Chorus-sound from Robert
controlled with the cc-pedal, start in effect is 0% !!

strat_rotary (24.06.98)
crunchy "Strat"-Sound with rotary-effect
from the newsgroup, author unknown

greg2 (22.06.98)
2 Patches from Greg
"Ambient" - Ambient-sound
"Wowwy" - Wowwy Shit

robert6 (21.06.98)
4 Patches from Robert
"Basket" - Grunge-sound like Greenday
"Chic" - typical Niles Rogers sound
"Mystery" - 12-string sound
"Organ" - sounds like an organ

acoustic_space (21.06.98)
Acoustic-Space sound from Glen

antony1 (21.06.98)
Patch from Antony/Peavey

knopfler (19.06.98)
"Mark Knopfler" Sound from Robert

kelly1 (16.06.98)
Clean bright "Twin"-Sound

125.asc|125.syx (16.06.98) 
"PeakSupriz" from Robert (as ASCII and SYX-file)

U9.asc|U9.syx (11.06.98) from Robert 
"Superstition" EF-Files as ASCII and Sysex

robert2 (10.06.98)
auto-wah robert1.txt as hexdump-file

steve1 (10.06.98)
two Strat patches

silvan1 (08.06.98)
extrem distortion sound

glen1 (08.06.98)
cc-pedal update for robert1

robert1 (07.06.98)
auto-wah "Superstition"

greg1 (29.05.98)
cc-pedal controlled delay